Jeffrey Mosser


Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

by Peter Tolan
directed by Jeffrey Mosser
set designed by Jeffrey Mosser
September 2005
Wenonah Players | Winona, MN

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Pillow Talk was my final independent project at Winona State University.

The one-act’s setting is a small bedroom in a trailer home. We intentionally brought the audience within feet of the playing space in order to create an intimate and tiny thrust theatre area.

The entire set was built for less than $100. Our mainstage theatre installed new carpet that summer, and, in tribute, we carpeted our set’s floor using the remanent pieces. The majority of our design budget went to paint, which wasn’t much. After going over the design scheme relating to “grandma’s house” the actors brought a majority of the pieces draping and hanging around the stage. From curious vases to excessive amounts of doilies to decorative perfume bottles our stage suddenly took on a life of its own. The color of the set was representative of my own memory of grandma’s house.

The day before our preview performance the Dorothy B. Magnus Black Box Theatre lost three-quarters of its dimmer rack, which meant that our lighting designer’s work was all for naught. We decided what was absolutely necessary, and through a ye olde Rotostat dimmer we were able to control the major lights up/down transitions.

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