Life Happens

So… this is January. Sorry. I haven’t kept up. Life moves at a pace.

I’ve moved to Boston as my wife has decided to pursue her masters in Arts Admin and I cannot say how proud I am. It’s a shock to feel like you’re starting over (again), but I found that the people of Boston are extremely interested in fostering the talent that it has — and now it has me and I, it. Though I am new to it I’m finding that Beantown is an exciting place to be with a good deal going on.

I’ve started classes at ImprovBoston — because how do you make friends faster than improv. I’ve been accepted into an improv troupe called Rebels Without Applause which performs every few months on the ImprovBoston stage. I’m part of a playwriting group that meets weekly to discuss and read new plays — we will be putting a few short plays up in late April in association with another theatre. And I’ve had a fair shake of directing/assisting to do (as you can see from my website). I leave this weekend (my birthday weekend) to participate in the Universal Theatre Festival. A friend of a friend’s festival. There are many lessons I’ve learned about rehearsing this, but I will pick them apart once the dust settles.

Not to mention I’ve found myself increasingly envious of folks who dedicate themselves to an entire year of something. My friend Sean is traveling the American west as a homeless person and dedicates himself to a bit of photography and blogging. Also, a fellow here in Boston just told me that he’s completed his own 365 Plays in 365 Days project. Now that he’s finished he says that he can’t stop writing and ideas are flowing, growing, and exciting (my words to summarize his). I think what makes me so jealous is that these folks are pursuing projects that they truly want to become masters of. I’m brimming with ideas, but haven’t exercised my legs here in Boston yet.

At this point I should probably expound upon any and all of the above, but since we arrived I haven’t had much time to sit still (and that’s a good thing) — including right now. Time to get gussied up and head to rehearsal. Next time I write it may be from Provincetown!