Musical Rehearsal

What is it about music rehearsals that make you feel, “Wow, we’ve really got a show here!” Quite simply, I’ll say, it’s the music!

You begin rehearsals thinking, “we need to block this” and “I hope the stage has this” and “wouldn’t it be great if we could get some of these to be in the audience.” So much of your thought process is tied up in logistics and theme that the music is almost an afterthought. Your music director passes out the music, teaches each part, and then, “o.k. let’s try it all together.” A few runs of that and you’ve got the idea of the song.

You don’t often have the actors in that sort of concentration either — meaning they’re physically concentrated  learning music together. Likely, they’ll be strewn about the stage singing individually as a group. This unity of voice makes your heart and your head say, “Wow, we’ve really got a show here.”

This first music rehearsal instills a lot of confidence and trepidation in everyone. Block it, rock it, and show it so that it builds that confidence, and then you really will have a show.