Ensembles: Exploring foolsFURY

Somewhere, sometime I fell onto foolsFURY’s website. I think I was looking for ensemble, clown, physical theatres…? I was going down the rabbit hole that is the Network of Ensemble Theater’s website and somewhere down there I landed on them. That and I had a friend in the Frisco area who said, “Do you know about foolsFURY? That would totally be your jam!” They were.
Getting know Ben and his process was pretty fantastic and inspiring.








The third in the series on HowlRound.com featuring an interview with Ben Yalom.

Ensembles: The Life and Times of Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

BTE spaceI have to admit… I’ve been smitten with Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble since I met Jerry Stropnicky at Theatre Communications Group’s Brain Bank.Have I seen the group? Unfortunately not, but Jerry’s generously supplied some kernles of brilliance to apply to my position as I strove to engage 46 separate communities almost simultaneously across the country via the Plays for Presidents Festival.

Interviewing Laurie McCants was just as delightful. I found her a font of knowledge, and just when I thought I knew everything I stumbled upon another and another statement she’d made elsewhere about the ensemble process. A great way to start right off the bat.

My second HowlRound article on Ensembles: Making and Paying for the Art.