Ensembles: How to Model One

TEAM-wide-shot-NTStudio-e1398266319588The TEAM, an ensemble theater from NYC, had also been on my radar since that same TCG conference as Jerry. I clearly remember meeting a member who said some inspiring things about the state of ensemble theater amongst the tradtional theater model. After a brief conversation with founding Artistic Director Rachel Chavkin and Producing Director Manda Martin it was apparent that this was a model to keep an eye on.

Here you’ll find a final installment featuring some guidelines I’ve learned along the way within my own ensemble, and via these inspiring groups.

A bullet listed set of guidelines below…

“So what is the model? Where is the Venn Diagram? Which flowchart should I follow to start my ensemble theater? From the similarities of these three case studies I’ve attempted to generate some stepping-stones.

Find your tribe.
Play your strengths.
Develop a timeline.
Showing up is half the battle.
Produce it
Grow as you need to grow. There’s no sense in setting up all kinds of overhead without the content for it. As an ensemble, when you need an artistic director, a producer, a writer, or administrator you will know. Think of your theater company as a small boat—you have to like and need everyone in it, or else you’re going to sink.

Know how to talk about your process”

For expanded guidelines see the full article.

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