Ensembles: Making and Paying for the Art

Once again I’m writing for HowlRound.com. Hooray!

HowlRound Screen ShotI started with the idea of how does Freytag’s Pyramid relate to ensemble based work today. I realized it wasn’t quite as satisfying because you can slice something a dozen ways and Freytag’s Pyramid will still somehow relate. While I do think artists/ensembles are doing less linear work (speculation) we may still be deconstructing and rearranging it so that it fits emotionally or otherwise.

Enough about what I didn’t write — more about what I did write! Here is the first installment where I set up the case studies and introduce some of the questions I asked:

“That being said… to each group let me ask some “traditional” questions:

What is your earned versus contributed revenue?
When did you develop a board?
How do you fundraise when you don’t have the title of the play?

And some “Non-Traditional” questions:

How do you tell someone that they have a bad idea?
Who decides when the group needs another member?
Does everyone get paid?”

More to come!

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