From the Ground Up


Interviews with collaboratively created theatre ensembles (and funders of) from across the country regarding how their art is made and paid for.
It started with a question: “how do ensembles make and pay for their work?” I started seeking answers in 2014 with a series on HowlRound, but the question is insatiable. I found myself infinitely curious about how ensembles and collaboratively creative companies were able to survive, leading to another question: “is this kind of work sustainable?” 
Through interviews with ensembles across the country we get down to what works for them, where they are in their careers, and just what does ensemble mean to them! 
Each interview is distributed by HowlRound Theatre Commons. Transcripts and podcasts can be found at the link above. Full podcasts can be downloaded via the Apple or Google Play stores.


Upcoming Episodes

Michael Fields Dell’Arte International, Blue Lake, CA
Mikaela Petra Strawdog Theatre, Chicago, IL
Coya Paz Free Street Theatre, Chicago, IL
Emily K Harrison square product theatre, Boulder, CO
Tony Adams Halcyon Theatre, Chicago, IL
Ariel Fistoe Out of Hand Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Quinn Bauriedel Pig Iron School for Advanced Theatre Training, Philadelphia, PA
Lindsay Puckett Radiation Oncologist and Medical Researcher at Medical College of Wisconsin
Stephanie McKee Junebug Productions, New Orleans, LA
Colin Bills and Rachel Grossman dog and pony dc, Washington, DC
Ova Saopeng TeAda Productions, Santa Monica, CA
Quita Sullivan New England Foundation for the Arts, Boston, MA
Kirk Lynn Rude Mechanicals, Austin, TX