‘Shiver’ Explodes the Fairytale to Find Its Humanity— EDGE Boston | June 26, 2015 “The result of this experiment is best summed up by something an unfortunate Army training film from the 1940s said: ‘When not close enough to be killed, the atomic bomb is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.'”

Review: How May I Connect You? — DIG Boston | October 4, 2013 “How May I Connect You molds scripted work with improvisation. It intermixes dance, humor research, and ensemble to not only entertain, but also inspire and challenge audiences.”

Advances in Tech Nostalgia — New England Theater Geek | October 3, 2013 “The laugh riot that is How May I Connect You (Or, Scenes in a Key of D:\) examined both sides of the tech coin. The collaboratively written show puts emphasis on community into their productions.”

Bad Habit serves up a parade of presidents — On Boston Stages | November 9, 2012 “Director Jeffrey Mosser has his charges moving at a breakneck pace around the intimate Dean Hall Space.”

Edge Boston 44 Plays for 44 Presidents — Edge Boston | November 2, 2012 “Director Jeffrey Mosser uses the play’s black box performance space to focus and concentrate the production’s creative energy on the actors, who are vivacious and fun to watch.”

‘44 Presidents’ sprints through history at Bad Habit Productions — The Boston Globe | October 30, 2012 T: An MBTA

Musical falls off the track — Theatre Mirror | July 3, 2011 “Aptly led by director Jeffrey Mosser, this exuberant cast of 17 races through the aisles, constantly making eye and, at times, physical contact with the audience, while bolstering their improvisational wackiness.MBTA Musical transports audience to funny zone — Boston Herald | July 2, 2011“Director Jeffrey Mosser’s production is lo-fi and fast-paced, poppy and funny…”

T: An MBTA Musical — Charlie Takes a Wicked Funny Ride — The New England Theatre Geek | July 2, 2011

Source Festival 2011: What’s New — Washingtonian | June 14, 2011 “There’s one called Love, Death, and Latex, where the actors play helium balloons at a children’s birthday party, and it’s a very high-drama, high-stakes look at what the experience of being a helium balloon may be. That’s a really funny one.”

Review of Opening Night at Source Festival 2011 — DC Theatre Scene | June 14, 2011 “Love, Death and Latex is a clever idea for a parody of a couple in jeopardy story.  It’s a cute, light skit that provides one of two comedic bookends to the set of plays.  You may never look at children with balloons the same way again.

Spotlight: Agamemnon — City Pages, Minneapolis Arts Magazine, Minneapolis, MN | June 20, 2007 “Mosser earns one of the biggest laughs of the night…”


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