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1) Theatre for Two: The Wedding Party— Actors Theatre of Louisville
2) Moving: A Dance in Three Scenes — Company One’s Fringe Wars
3) Imagination — Actors Theatre of Louisville
4) The Threepenny Space Opera — Actors Theatre of Louisville
5) T: An MBTA Musical — ImprovBoston
6) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead — Footlight Club

Theatre for Two: The Wedding Party

by Jeffrey Mosser & Zach Chotzen-Freund

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | January 2010 | World Premier

Inspired by Theatre for One from the New York Theatre Workshop, Theatre for Two: The Wedding Party explores the intimacy and excitement of a shared and interactive performance rather than a one-on-one performance. As explained in the video, our guiding principle was “theatre is a shared experience between: actor/actor; actor/audience; audience/audience.”Therein, our goal was to explore the audience’s comfort level with varying degrees of interaction. Some scenes/actors ignored the audience completely while others drew on what the audience already knew from previous tables. The results were fascinating and provided interesting perspectives on how an audience feels about interactive theatre.

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Moving: A Dance in Three Scenes

by Alli and Jeffrey Mosser

Company One: Fringe Wars | Boston, MA | November 2010 | World Premier

Five theatre troupes were given the same prop, line of dialogue, character name, genre, and two weeks to write, rehearse and perform. This culminated in an evening of competitive theatre before an audience and a panel of judges. These givens smelt of “comedy,” though our genre was “romance.”Our ensemble decided to take a route exploring variations on romance — new love, established love, transitional love — all of which culminate into what appears to be a dance through life. Our choice to do so ensured a comparatively unique performance.

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by Annabelle Horton

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | April 2009 | World Premier

Young Alex, left home alone for the first time, has to rely on his imagination to keep him entertained — and out of trouble.The New Voices Young Playwrights Festival provides the opportunity for high school students to put their work on a professional stage at Actors Theatre of Louisville. We give these students more than just a staged reading by providing them with the full resources of our Humana Festival of New American Plays staff. With a dramaturg, director, and dedicated designers we allow these young playwrights to develop their productions.Annabelle Horton’s inspiration, and mine too, was her little brother as we allowed an ordinary living room to become a castle, a basketball court, and a perilous, laser-filled chamber. This production highlighted my strengths with physical theatre.  

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The Threepenny Space Opera

by Jackson Wolford

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | April 2010 | World Premier

After doing his required reading for theatre history class, Jackson Wolford knew exactly what to submit for the New Voices Young Playwrights Festival: a one-act musical — in space.This melodramatic, over-the-top production features downtrodden sex-worker aliens, a love-sick space cowboy, and the traditional boy-meets-princess story.Our approach was low-tech and on a shoestring budget. Even with a truncated rehearsal period we rewrote music, developed low-tech solutions to high-tech space travel, and developed a new-found love for satirical musicals. 

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T: An MBTA Musical

Script by: John Michael Manship, Music by: Melissa Carubia

ImprovBoston | Boston, MA | June 2011 | World Premier
Upcoming Remount June 2012 at American Repertory Theatre’s Club Oberon

Completely sold out twelve show run at ImprovBoston.
Winner, Best Musical 2011: BroadwayWorld

Winner, Best Direction of a Musical 2011: BroadwayWorld
T: An MBTA Musical was workshopped from a 10-minute improvised sketch to a one-act musical and will be seen again this summer as a full-length production featuring video design, puppetry, and much more at American Repertory Theatre’s Club Oberon.Though production elements were scaled back, ImprovBoston provided the perfect place to exploit the foibles of Boston’s (least) favorite transportation system. Our strengths were exceptional song-writing and an immediate resonance with our audience.The video demonstrates one of our many “flash mob” performances on the Red Line between Cambridge and Somerville, as well as the performance featuring that claustrophic feeling of being on the train with hundreds of drunken “bros.”

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

by Tom Stoppard

The Footlight Club | Boston, MA | November 2011

Though dark, witty and existential we explored Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by first exploring physical theatre and clown work. Laurel and Hardy were referenced almost as frequently as Shakespeare. The major elements of our set and lighting design were three sheer curtains which allowed us to create translucent images and silhouettes depicting action offstage (Hamlet and the Ghost; Polonius being stabbed, etc). For Act III they were hoisted to create a sail-like appearance.

With the use of variations on “Walsingham,” a traditional tune that Ophelia references in Hamlet, we transition between scenes tying the story together through sea shanty and heavy-hearted renditions.

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